Google’s first foldable phone, the Pixel Notepad, will be mass-produced in the third quarter and is expected to cost about $1,399

google Pixel Notepad Specs

According to a recent leak, Google plans to release a new foldable phone by the end of the year. And a new report suggests that Google could start producing the Pixel Notepad sometime this summer.

According to the revelations, Google’s first foldable phone may be called Pixel Notepad after it goes on the market, and mass production will begin in the third quarter, priced at $1,399. The phone, which is similar in appearance to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold series, was supposed to launch in 2021, but Google delayed the release of the product for various reasons and re-optimized it to improve. In addition, the report also revealed tentative prices for the first-generation Pixel foldable phone.

Google has never said it plans to make any kind of foldable device. Even the names of Pixel Fold and Pixel Notepad have not been officially recognized. That’s what the media has tentatively called the device since the first reports surfaced last year.

Google Pixel Notepad With New Operating System

But Google does have some moves to suggest that it’s making a foldable phone. First, Google started working with Android vendors to optimize its mobile operating system for foldable screens. Android 12L makes it clear that Google wants Android to easily adapt to foldable smartphone screens. And Google has added hints that it is making a foldable phone in the Android system, as shown in the picture below

google pixel notepad

Then there are reports of Fuchsia, a replacement for Android that will work in a variety of form factors, regardless of the shape or size of the display. Recently, Google confirmed that Android tablets are back in its sights. Just as Apple rolled out an unexpected M1 upgrade for the iPad Air 5, the company encouraged developers to focus on optimizing Android for the tablet.


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