Google wants to help Apple bring RCS messages to iPhone

RCS messages Google

Google took the SMS service and grew it into something completely new and even more secure and functional. RCS is already growing exponentially and wanting to become an industry standard, with the support of many brands and operators.

Everything seems to be coming together to be a success, but it still has one major flaw. You need to have Apple on your side, something RCS hasn’t yet achieved. To try again, Google has now offered to help Apple bring RCS messages to iOS and iPhone.

Google’s bet on RCS, Rich Communication Services , is clear and well assumed. The research giant took the well-known protocol behind SMS and brought new features and much more security to create an industry standard.

With the support of many industry giants, it was expected to be a standard already. Google has been able to bring together Android manufacturers and even operators, whose networks will be used to route RCS messages.

Even with all this support, there is a weightlessness that Google now wants to try to bring to this service. We are talking about Apple and the tweet published by Hiroshi Lockheimer invites the creator of the iPhone to this important new feature, the RCS.

The origin of this new attempt at approximation comes from an Android tweet , which reports that a well-known golfer is the only one in his group who does not use iMessage because he does not use an iPhone. This was taken as positive and gained strength.

In response, the responsible for Android presented what could be the solution for the integration of Google’s system with Apple’s iOS. This would create the (almost) perfect solution for communication between the two systems, without the problems that exist today.

Of course, at the base of this possible evolution is Apple and its willingness to adhere or not to the RCS. Your solution, although closed to your operating system, works the way you want and without depending on third parties. So, chances are it will never happen, no matter how much the users would benefit.


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