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Google Pixel Fold

The Google Pixel 6 has been revealed again with more specs that show it’s going to be Google’s best phone yet. So today we’ve got the google pixel 6 and the 6 pro revealed in more detail along with plenty of great news on their specs.

First We’ve got some information on the Google Pixel Fold. While information has been a little light on the ground since we first heard about the device it appears that it may be coming sooner than we thought.

ET news reported that google are going to outsource the display to Samsung displays. The Elec then reported that Samsung displays are going to begin mass production of folding displays for other companies in October and then ross young tells us that the pixel fold is coming at the end of this year. When it comes to display information Ross Young is normally very accurate. so this is great news for those of you waiting for the Pixel fold.

Samsung Display will mass-produce the OLED panels that Google will use for the Pixel Fold. And not just the foldable panels, Samsung will also provide ultra-thin glass to Google. This film is applied on top of the display for added durability.

A brand new report from Korea says that the Pixel Fold will have a 7.6″ main display that folds inwards and Google will launch the Pixel Fold Handset in Quarter of 2021.

Now next up we’ve got a lot of people in the comments saying that this is not what the pixel 6 is going to look like. But I’m pretty confident it is you need to know that throughout the past few pixel releases the design and the specs have been leaked way ahead of launch. So it’s not exactly like this is a shock to have it all so early.

We’ve had official renders league from a third party case manufacturer that give us another look at the pixel 6 and again they fall in line with everything we’ve seen so far. These renders here come courtesy of slash leaks and this one is on the pixel 6 pro.

It gives us a good look at the cameras on the rear and as we’ve heard before we’re expecting a wide angle an ultra wide and a periscope camera on the pro and that’s exactly what we see.

Well there are many fans of 3d timer flight sensor this additional sensor we see before the led flash is not a time of flight and it’s reportedly for colour correction so it should make some interesting photography.

On the front we’ve got a full screen display with a punch or camera top center and although these renders do hide the edges of the screen the pixel 6 pro is coming with a curved display where the standard pixel 6 is flat.

If that wasn’t enough then we’ve got more leaks from another case manufacturer in transparent cases and while a little less detailed than the previous ones. It shows us the same thing we can see the same camera array for the pixel 6 pro and when it comes to the standard pixel 6 we’ve got a similar camera setup but it is of course missing the periscope lens.

And while it’s the first time google are going to be using their own chipset to power the pixel 6 that’s not actually the focus of the smartphone. The focus as always is on photography and google are doing a lot to meet that purpose. As expected they’re going to be using their custom NPU and ISP for better computational photography and that was backed up in a recent tweet by Tron and we now know that on top of all this and the new camera system we’re also getting a gimbal mode.

It’s not known at this time if that’s just going to be a software update or there’s also going to be hardware for that. But when the predecessor already offers great stabilization this is great news.

Google already smashed the mobile photography and even kept the same cameras over multiple generations. So with the reported larger samsung sensor with gimbal stabilization this should hopefully be very impressive.

So a great time to be a pixel fan and it’s great to see google are trying new things when it comes to the pixel 6. After the last pixel was a bit of a safe release.


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