Google Pixel 6 Pro – Full Specification

Google Pixel 6 pro

When the original Pixel was unveiled by Google in October 2016, many questioned why the Mountain View company was entering the business of designing, building, and selling phones. Five years on, that sentiment still lingers. And Critics of Google’s strategy are correct to say it looks contradictory: the company has invested time and treasure into building devices, but it hasn’t accompanied them with the necessary distribution and marketing to truly challenge for a big slice of the market.

But it seems that will finally change with the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. According to Max Winebach, Google claims to be serious about its hardware business this time, and they are actually taking on Samsung and want to steal some of the market share from them. Max says that Google has kept the same marketing budget for the Pixel 6 as Samsung keeps for their Galaxy S series of phones.

This is huge because like I’ve mentioned over and over, the key to success in the smartphone industry is to make a good phone and market it properly. In the tech world, people tend to think competition is all about the product. But that’s not entirely true.

Samsung did not change the game with just technology or product. Instead, they did it by focusing on distribution and advertising!

Samsung Galaxy S21 Series

So Google keeping a big marketing budget for the Pixel phones is an indication that they are finally confident on their phones that it can go head to head with the best out there in every aspect and not just photography.

But then again you may ask, Google sells only a few million Pixel phones per year, how could they have a budget like Samsung. Well, Google as a whole company makes billions in profits each quarter and their market capitalization is actually more than Samsung’s. If Google wants they can double the marketing budget of the Pixel 6 than what Samsung has kept for the Galaxy S21 because Google has other extremely profitable ventures that makes a ridiculous amount of money for them. So it’s about time, Google is finally upping their marketing game.

With that said, Max also revealed some of the specifications of the Pixel 6 lineup on a podcast he did recently. He says Google Pixel 6 Pro will have a 5000mAh battery to power the 120Hz QHD+ display. The regular Pixel 6 will also have a 120Hz refresh rate but the resolution will be FHD+ and the battery capacity is 4500mAh.

He said the reason Google opted for this robocop camera design is that it’s a future-proof design thanks to all the room it gives to allow new camera tech and it helps Google to keep a consistent camera design in the future Pixel phones as well.

Talking about Google’s own custom silicon he says the reason Google chose to design their own chipset is because of Artificial intelligence. We all know AI is the future, Google already makes AI chipsets. Things work better if a company controls the whole stack than solving the puzzle by putting the pieces together. And that’s what Google is doing. This will help them better optimize the whole chipset.

Max says you shouldn’t be too much optimistic about the performance, the Whitechapel will perform in between the Snapdragon 865 and 888, close to the Exynos 2100. Since it’s Google’s first try at making a custom chipset for phones, I think it’s unreasonable anyway to expect them to outperform Qualcomm on their first try. But it will be interesting to see, how well they optimize the chipset. He also mentions that the Pixel watch will have a 5nm Samsung processor and will launch alongside the Pixel 6 in October.

Jon Prosser was upload actual images for the Google Pixel 6 Pro & Pixel 6. But to protect the source the images were kept a secret and instead RendersbyIan recreated the Pixel 6 in 3D renders. So while this isn’t the actual photos, it is exactly what it’s going to look like.

On Google Pixel 6 we’ll see all the good stuff like a 120 hertz refresh rate a super bright high quality display.

We of course know that Google are going to be using their own chipset instead of Qualcomm this time around and that the Chip is Codenamed Whitechapel or GS101. For the first time ever a google silicon in the game and they have said goodbye to Qualcomm. Google silicon should have happened long ago but better late than never this is the right time. It seems like along with this Google are really trying to make a bit of a statement this time around with completely new device.

Google Pixel 6

Some other leaks have pointed towards a really strong zoom camera setup more than 2x camera zoom. We’ll get all this info very very soon so if you wish to get update do a comment on this post we will automatically update you all the latest information.

We have the first look at the official Android 12 this is absolutely crazy. Google is bringing a huge UI change and I gotta say it looks really beautiful. There will be a brand new wallpaper based theme engine along with the best security that android has ever had. This is such a huge update I can’t wait to see this.

Google Pixel 6 Pro Renders

Onleaks, as you know a very reputed guy, has shared the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro renders that are based on the official cad schematics. The renders are in line with what Jon Prosser
showed a few days basically confirming that the phone will come with a unique new design that sees a camera bridge on the rear panel.

But he also shared some specs of the handset and there’s some good news. First, the screen sizes have been revealed. The Google Pixel 6 Pro will have a 6.67″ QHD+ AMOLED display, the biggest size ever on a Pixel phone. Not only that the phone will have a 120Hz high refresh rate screen according to Ross Young, a display analyst. The display is curved like Samsung flagships and whether or not that’s good news depends on if you like curved displays or not.

The standard Pixel 6 will have a 6.4″ flat display. So if curved displays are a deal-breaker to you then Google has you covered. Now, what’s not clear is the refresh rate as well as the screen resolution of the Pixel 6 which we’ll have to wait a little more to find out.

Google Pixel 6 Design
Google Pixel 6 Design – Image Credit FPT

Another thing confirmed is the presence of the periscope zoom camera, making it the first Pixel phone to have this lens. We already had this news yesterday but it came from a guy who had a mixed track record. But if Onleaks is saying that the phone will have a periscope zoom camera then rest assured it will have that camera. This guy also shared this image claiming it’s the real photo of the Google Pixel 6 Pro’s camera module, which again is in line with the renders.

Also, we have some info about the software features of the Pixel 6 lineup. According to XDADevelopers, the Pixel 6 will have audio-coupled haptics to generate custom vibration effects for ringtones. This will produce vibrations that feel better and more in sync with the audio than the current hardcoded patterns.

Since Google is focusing on custom vibration, it’s more than likely we’re also getting a bigger and improved haptic feedback engine.


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