Google Pixel 6 Exclusive Design & Android 12 Update

Google Pixel 6 & 6 Pro
We’ve got our first official final look at the Android 12 that confirms a lot of things but most importantly it confirms the Pixel 6. The design we just saw a few days ago but before we talk about that boys and girls it’s happening a new camera sensor for the Pixel 6.

Google Pixel 6 Leaked Image

Some people were saying why is this a big deal so let me get this straight imagine if Apple kept using the camera sensor of the iPhone 10 for four generations. Imagine if Samsung kept using the camera sensor of the Galaxy S8 for four generations. It’s crazy right and yet somehow google actually did that. Their image processing has been their strongest weapon up until Pixel 3 they kept their top position as the best smartphone camera for photos. The night sight absolutely shocked everyone when it first came out, but after that google should have updated the sensor hence they fell off from the flagship landscape. But this might just be the greatest smartphone comeback.

Max Weinbach mentioned on twitter that the new camera sensor is indeed happening. he’s actually further confirming the information with more sources before he drops everything. Obviously other than the camera it’s going to be the most insane google phone ever.

Google Pixel 6 Design
Google Pixel 6 Design – Image Credit FPT

Jon Prosser was upload actual images for the Google Pixel 6. But to protect the source the images were kept a secret and instead RendersbyIan recreated the Pixel 6 in 3D renders. So while this isn’t the actual photos, it is exactly what it’s going to look like.

On Google Pixel 6 we’ll see all the good stuff like a 120 hertz refresh rate a super bright high quality display.

We of course know that Google are going to be using their own chipset instead of Qualcomm this time around and that the Chip is Codenamed Whitechapel or GS101. For the first time ever a google silicon in the game and they have said goodbye to Qualcomm. Google silicon should have happened long ago but better late than never this is the right time. It seems like along with this Google are really trying to make a bit of a statement this time around with completely new device.

Google Pixel 6

Some other leaks have pointed towards a really strong zoom camera setup more than 2x camera zoom. We’ll get all this info very very soon so if you wish to get update do a comment on this post we will automatically update you all the latest information.

We have the first look at the official Android 12 this is absolutely crazy. Google is bringing a huge UI change and I gotta say it looks really beautiful. There will be a brand new wallpaper based theme engine along with the best security that android has ever had. This is such a huge update I can’t wait to see this.

Now within these trailers we actually saw the design of the google Pixel 6 you can see the punch hole towards the middle and it has the same time as the time that we saw on the Pixel 6 renders. Jon Prosser said that this is the same time he saw on the leaked google Pixel 6 images.

Google Pixel 6

So pretty much this is a confirmation that the Pixel 6 is indeed getting the middle punch hole design. Now pixel 6 family is still far away when it comes to the release. As usual later in the year it is expected for the month of October 2021. It’s even late then the iPhone 13 family.

That’s all about Google Pixel 6 & 6 Pro News. If you need more information please let us know in the comment section, we will be happy to give update of all tech news. Thanks for Stay with us, Take Care, Stay Safe.


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