Google Fi – How Google Fi Works, Plans and Features Explained

Google Fi aka Project Fi

Majority of people have never heard of Google FI and have no idea what it is. So today I’m going to be talking about Google FI aka Project Fi and what it is and what makes it so special compared to other carriers such as Verizon or T-Mobile or AT&T in the U.S.

How Google Fi works

So a big difference between Google Fi and all the other carriers within the US is Google Fi is not really a carrier. It’s an MVNO which really stands for Mobile Virtual Network Operator. So unlike AT&T, T-Mobile or any of the other big US carriers Project Fi doesn’t actually own any of the towers that it uses. It just pays T-Mobile or Sprint or whoever else to rent space on their towers and this allows users to use different networks towers while still using Project Fi.

When you use Google Fi you essentially get three carriers all within one phone plan. so you get T-Mobile, Sprint and US cellular all on Google Fi. And the way it works is if you have a phone that is designed for Project Fi. It this allows you to switch automatically to the network that has the fastest speed. So say you are in a national forest and you know there is no Sprint or U.S cellular coverage but there is a T-Mobile coverage it will automatically switch to T-Mobile.

And let’s say you have all three but U.S cellular is a little bit faster it will automatically switch to U.S cellular. Another awesome part about this is it also incorporates Wi-Fi.

Google basically has a database that has thousands of different Wi-Fi networks across the country and if Google Fi finds that you’re near one of those it automatically connects to that Wi-Fi network and it uses a VPN as well so you’re using fast and secure Wi-Fi automatically included in the plan, which is very very nice because sometimes there’s Wi-Fi that’s faster than the service as well as you can use Wi-Fi instead of using data which saves you some data if you’re using the Pay-As-You-Go plan.

Google Fi Plans

Talking about the Pay-As-You-Go plan, Google Fi offers two different types of plans. So one isn’t unlimited you get unlimited talk text and data, the other one is an unlimited talk and text but the data is a Pay-As-You-Go. So you pay ten dollars per one gigabyte of data that you use. If you use five gigs of data you would pay fifty dollars extra for that data which is nice if you don’t use a ton of data on monthly but you want to have the flexibility to choose how much you want to have.

Another interesting part is Project Fi is super super simple, the bill is super simple laid out and extremely easy to pay and this is because the app that you use with Google Fi is the most simple to use app. So setting up and activating your phone is so simple and as well there’s no fees to sign up and start using Google Fi and there’s no fees to cancel and stop using this. There’s no cancellation fees or contracts or anything like that which makes Project Fi the most flexible network that you can get in the us.

Google Fi Phones

Right now you may be thinking there are no downsides to Google Fi, why would I not get Google Fi ? There’s a couple of reasons for that. So unless you have a phone that is designed for Google Fi, you don’t get to take advantage of any of the benefits. And the phones that are designed by Google Fi are very very small. It consists of all the Google Pixel phones as well as the Samsung Galaxy S20 and S21 lineup. So that would be the Note 21, S21 all of those phones from Samsung as well as a few different Motorola phones.

It’s only about eight or nine cell phones that are actually supported for designed by Google Fi. All the other phones are compatible with Google Fi. Here is the list of Google Fi compatible devices and essentially different phones have different limitations when using Google Fi.

For example I have an iPhone 12 is compatible with Google Fi and so that basically means I am unable to use the technology that allows me to switch between different networks. If I were to take my iPhone 12 to Google Fi I could not use any of the other networks besides T-Mobile.

Google Fi 5G

It is interesting that Google Fi supports 5G but again the same scenario comes into play if you have a designed by Google Fi phone you get to use the 5G and it automatically switches between different networks.

Google Fi International Features

In addition to all the benefits of being able to switch carriers and do the different types of plans Google Fi also is very good in terms of international plans. If you’re a big international traveler or you like to travel abroad or even call people abroad from to different countries Google Fi is really good at this.

Google Fi International Coverage

Google Fi allows you to use your plan that you currently pay for in over 200 countries abroad. So you get unlimited text and data if you pay for the unlimited plan no cost to you when you travel internationally. You do have to pay 20 cents per minute if you’re calling while you’re international but other than that everything else is included. And it’s just nice to have everything in one plan one place one price all included.

And it’s just very nice service because you know other companies like a Verizon charge a fee per day to actually use their service and it’s not even you know fast service and you’re limited. So it’s really nice to have this international kind of package put into your monthly bill through Google Fi.

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