Galaxy Z Fold 3 will support S Pen – It’s ready for release!

S Pen Pro
Earlier this year, Samsung first introduced the Galaxy S smartphone with S Pen support. At the same time, the Koreans rolled out a special version of the S Pen stylus for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, and also promised another, more advanced version of the “pen” later this year, but things are still there. 

However, the release of this accessory is closer than ever. In the database of the American regulator FCC, documents were found on the S Pen Pro, where, among other things, there is an answer on the issue of compatibility. So, the EJ-P5450 “pencil” with Air Actions can be used on Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Note 10 Lite and Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab tablets S6. The device must have One UI 3.1 or newer preinstalled.

Note that support for the S Pen stylus on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 has long been one of the most talked about rumors about the third generation of a foldable gadget. It is not yet clear whether the S Pen Pro will be included in the package, or whether it will need to be purchased separately. The same goes for the Air Actions list itself. The full debut of the stylus should take place in August, along with the smartphone itself.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 Price Cut

As per the report, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 price will be finalized in the 1,900,000 – 1,999,000 KRW ($1,655 – $1,741) range in South Korea. The Z Flip 3’s range is said to be 1,200,000 – 1,280,000 KRW ($1,045 – $1,110). Now the price of the Z Fold 3 is about 18% cheaper than the Z Fold 2 while the Flip 3 is 27% cheaper than the original Z Flip. This means the rest of the world should get the same price cut, so this translates to a US price of $1,599 for the Galaxy Z Fold 3, and $999 for the Flip 3.

Of course, there are various factors involved while deciding the prices for each country so the final price may not be $1599 and $999 for these two foldables in your country. But one thing is clear since we’re getting price reduction reports so close to the Unpacked Event, it basically confirms that these massive price cuts are indeed happening and that’s great news for the fans of foldable smartphones.

And not just price cuts, Samsung will also give freebies with these foldables and according to this leaker, Samsung might give the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Buds 2 if you pre-order the phone. Of course, different countries get different free gifts, some may even get free cashback. So you’ll have to wait for the Unpacked Event to know exactly what you end up getting.


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