Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will not have 200MP Camera!

Galaxy S22 Ultra
Galaxy S22 Ultra - Photo Credit Lets Go Digital

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will not receive a 200-megapixel camera. The main sensor will be the same as the current Galaxy S21 Ultra and many other great changes.

Just like this year, Galaxy S22 Ultra will become the flagship model of the S series. This phone will have features that the Galaxy S22 and S22+ do not have. But, according to the latest report, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra may miss 200 Megapixel’s camera.

Galaxy S22 Ultra will not have 200MP Camera

Breakthrough changes in the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone can not be expected: the rumor that the smartphone will receive a 200-megapixel sensor has been denied by an authoritative insider known as IceUniverse on his Chinese social network profile page.

According to the informant, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will receive a third-generation 108 megapixel sensor. That is, with a very high degree of probability, next year’s flagship Samsung will use the same ISOCELL HM3 sensor that is used in the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

However, through a number of technical enhancements, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will deliver higher quality photos and videos. So, the transition to a new platform (it does not matter if it is Exynos 2200 or Snapdragon 895) will provide the smartphone with a new image processor with more advanced algorithms for photo and video processing. The resolution of additional sensors is likely to increase, as well as the use of completely new Olympus optics, as there are rumors, is not excluded.

But overall, with this approach, the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s camera will turn out to be evolutionary, not revolutionary. According to the news, the Galacy S22 Ultra model will be the only phone in the S series 2022 series with an LTPO screen with automatic refresh rate-just like the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

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Another point that distinguishes the Ultra model from its two smaller models is the round screen. In addition, for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, it is not yet certain whether the device is equipped with an under-screen selfie camera. Several whistleblowers recently reported that the device will indeed be equipped with an under-panel lens. However, this is by no means certain.

Earlier this month, South Korean news media Naver published a publication online stating that Samsung will abandon the under-panel lens of the S22 series. Mass production requires more time. The Exynos 2200 chipset developed using AMD RDNA2 GPU is expected to be officially released this year.

AMD CEO Lisa Su confirmed at Computex that it will also support ray tracing and variable rate shading for the first time. The Galaxy S22 model will be the first Samsung mobile phone running Android 12 on the market. The announcement event will be held in January 2022 and the price of the smartphone is still unknown.


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