Facebook Reels is Now Available Globally Along with Monetization Tools!

Facebook Reels

Reels’ short video format is the fastest growing format on Instagram. Facebook’s parent company Meta will now adopt the same model named Facebook Reels in more than 175 countries.

Addictive and personalized to users’ tastes, Instagram Reels will now have a fixed audience on Facebook, with new ways of monetizing. The announcement was made today by Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of the social network that leads Meta.

The new functionality is available in iOS and Android applications, for the creation of short videos and with editing tools, including “Remix”, with the possibility of sharing in Facebook Stories.

Videos make up nearly half of the time people spend on Facebook, and Reels is the fastest growing content format on Facebook and Instagram.┬áMeta says it’s focused on making Reels the best way for creators to get discovered, connect with their audience, and also make money.

For users, the idea is for it to be a fun experience, with relevant content that is easy to find and share.

Among the creators who have explored the format, Meta highlights Kurt Tocci (and his cat Zeus) who share comedy sketches, writer Andrea Gibson who recites poetry, the Nigerian-American couple Ling and Lamb who try new foods, and dancerNiana Guerrero who recreates the dances of the moment with the #ZooChallenge.

Facebook Reels with Creative Tools and Ads

“Meta is focused on creating opportunities for creators to monetize their Reels. The ‘Reels Play bonus program’, part of a billion dollar investment for creators, is a program that pays eligible creators over $35,000 per month based on Reel views,” explains the company.

In the coming months, Meta will expand the ‘Reels Play bonus program’ to more countries, so that more creators are paid for creating Reels that are appreciated by their communities.


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