Disadvantages of 100% full charging a smartphone

Full charging Battery problem
It is normal for the battery to deteriorate over time when using a smartphone. But surely you don’t want it to be fast. The biggest suspicion we have when it comes to full charging a smartphone is, is it right to keep the charger on the phone overnight? Or do you have to turn off the charger as soon as the smartphone is fully charged? Let’s try to find the answer to that question today.

What Smartphone manufacturers say?

The battery life does not depend on when the smartphone was made. There are many more matters. Such as excessive temperature fluctuations or the way you charge. The lithium-ion batteries in our phones carry relatively little charge with their age. This is why you will see on old phones, usually the charge does not last long.

Apple‘s comment on long-term charging is that if the iPhone is in full charging for a long time, the battery can be damaged.

Samsung makes Android-powered smartphones. They say the same thing, ‘Don’t keep your phone full charging for long periods of time or overnight.’

“Try to keep your phone’s battery charge as moderate as possible (30 to 70 percent), which will increase battery life,” Huawei said.

That means charge your phone, but not 100 percent. That is, when it is fully charged, what is the need to keep it connected to the charger?

When fully charged, your smartphone will automatically stop charging the battery. However, in some cases, after reaching 99 percent, it may take longer than before for full charging. And the repetition of this event shortens the life of the battery.

Use the Accessibility of the phone

In iOS 13 and later versions, the ‘Optimized Battery Charging’ option helps reduce the time it takes to fully charge the iPhone. After activating it, it will monitor the habit of full charging your iPhone, i.e. when and for how long you usually charge it. Then if you don’t need it, it will usually stop charging after 80 percent.

If you want to change the option, while the iPhone is charging, tap on the ‘Optimized Battery Charging’ pop-up and hold it for a few seconds. Usually the option is already active. However, if you want, you can take a look. For that you have to go to Settings> Battery> Battery Health> Optimized battery charging option.

Regardless of the iPhone, you can extend the battery life by using the options of the brand of phone you have in your hand. Take a look first, go to the battery settings of the phone and see what options there are.

If you want, you can download and use the ‘Accubattery’ app on Android. It will help in monitoring the condition of the battery. The app will show you when to connect the charger and when to remove it.

More things to keep in mind

There is no need to lower the battery to zero to charge again. Charge at your convenience. There is no point in worrying too much about the battery percentage. Try to keep the phone as cool as possible. When heated, it also affects the battery. So don’t put it under the pillow while charging. The same rule applies to keeping in the sun or in a cooler environment. Reduce the use of apps that heat the phone.

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