Chinese Billionaire Jack Ma Missing! Where is Jack Ma ?

Jack Ma Missing
Is Jack Ma Missing? Where is Jack Ma? It’s not a question you’d expect to hear asked about Chinese billionaire businessmen Jack Ma the former English teacher turned tech entrepreneur and founder of e-commerce giant Alibaba.

He is one of the most prominent individuals in the country. He is also a member of the Chinese communist party.

But for months now it seems like he’s disappeared from public life. Even failing to turn up as a judge on an African business talent show he created. It’s raised eyebrows at least outside of China. What is the Reason behind Jack Ma Missing?

In October he gave a speech in shanghai criticizing Chinese regulators and calling on the nation’s banks to do away with a pawnshop mentality.

Jack Ma is known for being outspoken but the decision to be that candid appears to cost him dearly. Not long after that regulators put a halt to the initial public offering of mars financial technology business ad group saying more regulation are needed.

It was being billed as the world’s largest IPO and raised more than 34Billion dollars from listings in shanghai and hong kong.

The suspension left a multitude of mom and pop investors in the lurch. Since then Jack Ma has been conspicuously absent from public view.

This week CNBC reported about Jack Ma missing. CNBC reported sources saying the billionaire is deliberately keeping a low profile.

Openly criticizing the government or how things are run does have consequences. Even if you are a party member.

In March as the Covid-19 pandemic was unfolding real estate magnate Renjo Chung wrote an essay that was critical of the authority handling of the outbreak. It was interpreted by many as a public rebuke of Chinese president Xi Jinping. Afterward, Ren went missing. He was later expelled from the party and in September was sentenced to 18 years jail on corruption charges.

This week the CCP has published a refreshed set of regulations for party members. It reiterates that they’re banned from publicly airing opinions that are inconsistent with the decision made by the central leadership. Rules that will no doubt be studied closely by those both in and out of the public eye.

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