Boeing 737 Indonesia Plane Crashed on Island

Boeing 737 Indonesia

An Indonesian passenger plane Boeing 737 Indonesia has lost contact with ground control in the capital Jakarta shortly after takeoff. Local media say tracking data shows the flight path of the jet operated by Sriwijaya Air ended off the coast just north of Jakarta.

The plane reportedly lost more than 3 thousand meters of altitude in less than one minute. the being 737-500 aircraft was carrying 56 passengers including 7 children and 6 crew members.

Sriwijaya Airplane has lost contact after four minutes taking off from the Indonesian capital of Jakarta today. The transport ministry Budi Karya Sumadi confirmed that the plane crashed in Jakarta thousands islands regency. Until today the rescue team & the police trying to rescue the debris and the body.

The official intelligence of the island already told that they received a report from the local fishermen that they showed the debris and they heard about the explosion.

But until today the number of the manifest is still not confirmed whether it’s 60 or 56 or 62.

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