Bip App took the place of WhatsApp! Its the Top App Now

Bip App vs WhatsApp
People are leaving the Popular Messaging App WhatsApp to join the Turkish messaging app BIP. The number of new users of the app has been growing rapidly in Turkey as well as around the world since WhatsApp made controversial changes to its privacy policy. BIP has received a wide response, especially among users in the Muslim world.

Turkcell, Turkey’s largest state-owned telecom company, is the Creator of the secure messaging app. It was Launched in 2013. BIP has gained amazing popularity in 192 countries in just a few years.

Murat Erkan, general manager of the Turkcell said that on January 8, WhatsApp changed its policy. Since then, an average of 2 million users have installed BIP every day in the last few days. According to the News of Daily Sabah.

The general manager of Turkcell said that 7.4 million users have left WhatsApp and joined BIP since last Friday. BIP has emerged as a safe messaging platform in the current environment. We are moving forward with the telegram.

Last Sunday, the office of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan shut down the US app WhatsApp and announced the launch of the domestic app amid fears of personal information smuggling. Since then, Turkish people have left the US app WhatsApp and started using BIP. In just 24 hours after the statement from Erdogan’s office, the number of BIP subscribers increased to 1.12 million.

At the same time, the use of the app has been noticed among the users of the Muslim world. In Bangladesh, many have been seen installing the app as well as encouraging others.

Erkan said that the number of downloaders of the local app in Turkey has exceeded 70 million. He hopes to reach 100 million users in a few months.

Meanwhile, the number of users of other competing apps in the world has also increased exponentially after WhatsApp made controversial changes to its privacy policy. Russian-born Telegram founder Pavel Durov said on Tuesday that their new user base had grown by 2.5 billion in the past 72 hours. The app currently has over 500 million active users worldwide.

Germany is one of the largest active markets for BIPs, said the general manager of Turkcell. A significant number of people in France and Ukraine have also downloaded the app. The app is in great demand in Europe and the Middle East. At present, the number of monthly active users of the app is one crore, he said.

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