Bill Gates prefers Android than iPhone; See why?

Bill Gates Prefers Android
Bill Gates is not neutral in the combat of iOS and Android. Of course, this is not surprising news. A little research will reveal the reason for his love of Android. However, in an interview in the audio-based conversation app Clubhouse, the co-founder of Microsoft reiterated that.

Bill Gates has told US journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin and Clubhouse co-founder Paul Davidson that Android has been his first choice in the past. Added, has not changed yet.

So he is not anti-iPhone. Occasionally he also picks up Apple’s smartphone. But only if it is absolutely necessary. For example, the interview was taken in the clubhouse app. And for now, Clubhouse can only be used on the iPhone. However, he relies on Android in his daily work. He also gave reasons for trust.

As it is an open platform, he can easily experiment with the app. Apart from that, some Android-based smartphone makers have already installed Microsoft’s app on their phones, which is a big reason for his choice. He also said that many of his friends use iPhone.

In the words of Bill Gates, ‘I actually use an Android phone. Since I want to stay updated about everything, I often pick up the iPhone. But Android is always with me.’

According to a report by, Bill Gates admitted in 2019 that the failure to run Microsoft’s mobile phone department in the right way was the biggest mistake of his life. At that time Microsoft failed to capture the big market of mobile operating system.

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