Apple Watch Series 7 Design, Specs, New Leaks

Apple Watch Series 7

So one feature a lot of us are hoping for in the new Apple Watch Series 7 is the blood glucose monitor. However we’ve had a new report come in confirming if we will get a blood glucose monitor or not in 2021 for the new apple watch. Today I want to share with you all the latest about this and also a summary of features and of course the latest on the apple watch 7 release date and price.

So over the last few years the Apple Watch has grown from an accessory for your iPhone to a great counterpart for your iPhone instead. We now have the option to buy one of three models and this includes the older series 3, a well-rounded SE model and the state-of-the-art series 6 at the moment. However in the fall of this year  we’re going to be getting the new series seven. And it seems likely the new lineup for apple will be the SE, the series 6 and the new Apple Watch Series 7 going forwards. The Apple Watch Series 7 though is looking to be getting some great new features and also a brand new design.

Apple Watch 7

Today I’m going to give you the latest details of specific leaks and reports, then details of the planned release date and then a summary of the models that are going to be released with all their features that we’ve learned in previous leaks.

Apple Watch Series 7 features

According to a recent Bloomberg report, the Apple Watch Series 7 might skip on the blood glucose reading sensor and that could be a deal breaker for some smart watch shoppers in the next year. A lot of us have been quite attracted to this new blood glucose monitoring feature in the series 7 including myself to be fair. We have been advised that this new feature could monitor your blood sugar levels even just through your skin was pretty remarkable to be honest.

Apple Watch 7 Image

As a CDC’s national diabetes statistics report that was done in 2020 found that 34.2 million Americans so that’s basically one in 10 americans have diabetes. That’s a shock to you about one in three american adults have pre-diabetes. That is a huge amount of  the USA’s population, not alone at talking about  the world numbers. So for apple to miss out on this opportunity would be pretty bad.

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However if we don’t get this feature it is still becoming more clear that apple will probably be more focusing on  performance and design instead that we have seen in other Leaks. This also leads me on nice to say that all reports and leaks are not 100 proof that they will come true in the new apple watch 7. I can only present to you what i have been told or what i have been shown like i’m telling you right here. However if you’re reading this article then you’re as curious as i am in knowing what is  going to be said about the next apple watch.

Apple Watch Series 7 Release Date

In past years Apple has announced the Apple Watch alongside the iPhone with the two devices available for purchase around the same time. 2020 though that changed   and we actually had the release of the Apple watch in September ahead of the iPhone 12 what came out in October and November time. With the success of the virtual events that apple did last year it is   likely apple will want to separate the apple watch again due to the big success. The Apple Watch 6 coming out on September 18th last year and then the year before that the Apple Watch 5 coming out September 20th and then the 4 in 2018 it came out on September 21st and they were all Fridays.

Apple Watch All Series

You can see the date for the apple watch series 7 will most likely be September 17th or possibly a week later on September 24th in 2021 with an event  or virtual event happening a few days before. Also if you want to know more about those apple  events and when they’re going to happen and more  news on other products from Apple like the iPhone 13, the new Apple Silicon max, Airpods and iPads make sure to check out our other articles on this website.

Apple Watch 7 Design & Specification

The latest leaks and release date out of the way let’s move on to a summary of everything we know so far that previous leaks have painted the picture for the details of the Apple Watch Series 7. So then like previous years we’ll be getting  two different size models and that will be a 40 millimetre and a 44 millimetre LTPO LED screen on the actual Apple Watches and this will have a 1000 nits brightness as well.

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We’re also going to be getting a whole new design a much more flatter  design but resembles the look of say the iPad Air, the iPad pro and also the iPhone 12S. We’re going to be guessing this time according to latest leaks basically I’ve been coming out a choice between a 32GB and a 64GB storage option and this is probably generally to store kind of more photos and maybe even download some music as   well onto your apple watch for on the go.

Apple Watch S7 Processor

But there will also be that new processor inside at the S7 and also we’re looking likely to be getting a U2 an updated ultra wide band chipset put inside the Apple Watch and we’re also going to be probably  getting Bluetooth 6.0 and the possibility of 5g connectivity inside the apple watch series 7. But again we’ll have to wait on some more leaks and  rumors to confirm this is actually going to be the case.

One legal rumor that we’ve heard quite a lot about is there’s going to be a new glucose monitoring sensor in the apple watch 7. And this will be able to detect your glucose levels just through the skin through the sensor underneath the apple watch. And i know a lot of people are really hopeful that this does come true with the new 7 series.

Appple Watch

Again the actual main body will be made out of aluminium stainless steel and also an option of a titanium body depending on which type of option of the apple watch series 7 that you want to pick.

There has also been some  leaks and rumors going around that the Touch ID button on the side of the apple watch will be very similar to the one on the iPad Air. It will actually have a Touch ID sensor built inside of it and this will be a first for the Apple Watch Series 7. 

For Battery life it’s going to be promising an all-day battery which is up to 18 hours according to apple’s website.

Apple Watch 7 Price

Now  prices can be a little bit complicated   because it depends on if you want to pick  yourself an aluminium, stainless steel   titanium body and also what kind of watch strap you also pick with your Apple Watch Series 7.

Apple Watch Series

But for starting prices we’re gonna do it with the actual storage options and the actual size of the screen.

So starting with the 14 millimeter screen option with 32GB of storage inside it this will start at 399$ US dollars and then the  64GB version will be 400-449$ US dollars.

Then for the 44 millimeter screen the 32GB option will start 429$ US dollars and then the 64GB model at 479$.


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