How to Install AirPods Pro Beta 2 – New AirPods Firmware with Conversation Boost

how to Install AirPods Pro Beta 2

AirPods Pro have recently getting developers betas and AirPods Pro Beta 2 is now available. This update finally has something new in it. We write a article about AirPods Pro Beta 1 but didn’t mention any features because there was nothing new. With Beta 2 there’s actually a new feature enabled. So I’ll talk about that in a moment. In this article I’ll show you the way to install the AirPods Pro beta 2.

What you need to Install AirPods Pro Beta 2

Now this is for developers only so you’ll need a developer account as it will not be available to public beta testers at least right now that we’re aware of. You’ll also need to keep in mind that you need not only your AirPods Pro but they need to be charged to 100 percent. Once they’re charged to 100 percent you’ll also need an iPhone running the latest version of iOS 15 and also a Mac that’s running Xcode betas  as well.

As long as you have all of those things   you can install this, but i would not recommend installing this even if you’re a developer unless you want to try out the features or develop for it, because there is no way to downgrade. So in order to downgrade you would have to give these to Apple similar to what you have to do with an Apple watch if you’re on the beta program. So they can send this in and get it downgraded the same is true with AirPods Pro.

How to Install AirPods Pro Beta 2

Now the first thing we need to do to install this is make sure like I said you need an iPhone and on the iPhone you’ll need to install a beta profile similar to when you installed the public beta of iOS 15 or developer beta. You’ll download that from the Apple developer portal and once you log in you need to go to the more section to download that.

Once you have the beta profile downloaded you’ll see profile downloaded in your settings. We’ll tap on that then we’ll install the beta profile you can see it says AirPods Pro seed 2021. We’ll tap on install put in our passcode then we’ll have to tap on install in the upper right agree again by tapping install on the bottom and now it’s installed the beta profile. So we’re good to go here.

AirPods Pro - Image Credit MKBHD

The next thing we need to do is we need to connect our AirPods Pro to our iPhone. So make sure they’re connected open them up connect them. Make sure they’re connected to your iPhone and you’ll see it’s connected here. We can also see that under Bluetooth where they’re connected under AirPods Pro. So we’re good to go there.

Now the next thing we need to do is we need to plug in our iPhone to our Mac. So we’ll go ahead and do that. We’ll plug in the iPhone to the Mac with a lightning cable and then on the Mac once the iPhone is trusted to the Mac go ahead and open your Xcode beta. Again that’s available in the developer portal.

Once that’s open all we have to do is open it and that’s it. now once you’ve opened Xcode and your phone is still connected to the computer, go into settings and in settings scroll down until you see developer. Developer will show up now that you’re plugged into Xcode tap on developer scroll all the way to the bottom and you’ll see it says AirPods testing pre-release beta firmware. Tap on this option and then at the top it says Yours AirPods Pro. if you have other AirPods Pro they’ll be listed here. Go ahead and turn on the switch.

AirPods Pro Beta 2 Update Process

  • Connect your iPhone to your Mac.
  • Launch Xcode 13 beta 4 on your Mac.
  • On the iPhone, go to Settings > Scheduler and choose Prerelease Firmware Beta.
  • Find your AirPods Pro in the list of paired devices and choose them to enable automatic beta software updates.
  • Read and follow the onscreen instructions to receive beta software updates. Please be patient; it may take up to 24 hours to receive and install these updates.

Solution if you experience Problems

Now for me this may or may not crash and it did crash and if you’re having this problem. You can fix this by going into your settings, going to general, going down to transfer or reset iPhone. Tap on reset and reset all settings. Now this will wipe all of your network settings and many other options that you might have set. So in order to get this to work properly you may have to do this if you’re on some of the latest betas.

It won’t wipe the phone it will just reset all of the settings.

If this is something you’re not comfortable  doing then you may want to skip installing the AirPods Pro Beta until maybe the next beta of iOS 15 is out and it doesn’t crash any longer.

Updating AirPods Pro Beta 2

After reset I’ve got the AirPods Pro connected to my iPhone. If we go into Bluetooth you can see that it says  connected and now if we go back and scroll down to developer there it is and again we’re still connected to the computer and we have Xcode running. Go into developer scroll to the bottom and  then tap on pre-relay, pre-release beta firmware.  Under that you’ll see that it’s turned on because I was able to turn this on before. Now it will actually work.

Now the only thing is is there’s no way to force this to update. What you have to do is just close the case and so normally what I do is  I plug in the AirPods Pro and then it says closing the case will trigger the install of the beta profile. Then it can take up to 24 hours to update. So that’s the unfortunate thing with Airpods Pro firmware updates whether they’re public or not.

There’s no way to force it you basically have to set it next to your phone close the Airpods Pro, it triggers the install of the profile and come back later and hope that it’s updated and that’s all you can do. So once it’s updated we’ll come back and take a look at what’s new.

How to see if AirPods Pro Updated

Now the AirPods Pro have finally updated and it took anywhere between 20 to 24 hours for it to install. There’s no way to force the install where there’s a button like you can with iOS 15 betas unfortunately. Hopefully they add that in the future. At some point I needed to use these before the update had installed. The way you check for the update is based off the version or build number you can check that in two places.

Go into your settings and in settings it’s either under general and about or you can   just go to Bluetooth and then under Bluetooth you can see here it says AirPods Pro, they’re connected. Tap on the I button and under the I button if we scroll to the bottom at the bottom you’ll see it says version 4A362B.

That’s how you know you’re on the latest beta as that’s the current build number. So that’s the only way to know that it’s been updated. Now it adds a new feature once you have this update.

AirPods Pro Beta 2 New Features

After the update of AirPods Pro Beta 2 we’ve the new option has to do with being able to hear conversations or it’s something that apple showed off around the iOS 15 announcement. Where they talked about using your AirPods to boost conversation and be able to hear maybe if you have difficulty hearing, it sort of focuses voice into your ears. And this is a great feature so if we take one of the AirPods out.

To turn on the Conversation Boost you need to go into your Control Center – Tap on Ear icon and you need to add this in your Control Center settings.

But if you go into the Ear you’ll see that we now have a Conversation Boost at the bottom. We can tap on this turn it off and it won’t boost the conversation or we can turn it back on. And now we have the option to change the overall settings for not only amplification but balance darker or brighter and ambient noise reduction.  So if there’s too much ambient noise we can just turn that up and it removes the ambient noise. This is a new feature that’s been added with the AirPods Pro and something that’s coming to everyone a little bit later once iOS 15 launches.

This Video will provide you the process of Installation – check this also

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