Apple Mac Mini M1x Release Date & Specifications

Apple Mac Mini M1x

So today, let’s do a gathering of facts of what we know about the new Apple Mac Mini M1x or just the 2021 Mac Mini that’s expected to be coming this fall. Today we will cover what chipset is expected to be inside this new Mac when it comes available as well. We’ll also cover its release date and price and also other expected features.

Apple updated the baseline Mac Mini in 2020 with the M1 chipset inside. However Apple still continued to sell the top range Mac Mini.

However, for design wise, we haven’t actually seen a true redesign to this Mac since 2010 when we went from the kind of plastic design to the full-on unibody metal design that we can see now. Shortly after we had changed like the loss of the CD, DVD drive, then in 2018 we also got a space gray version. However, overall the design has remained the same for about 10 years now.

The great news is Apple looks to make a whole new design for the Mac Mini based on the renders and also Apple be put in a more powerful Apple Silicon Chip than the M1 that we currently have right now.

M1 Chip design

First of all we have to understand that Apple still sells the Intel more expensive Mac Mini right now. Now the reason behind this is when everything was still Intel base mac, this more expensive Mac Mini was considered to be in the next tier of Apple devices in performance.

What I mean by this is with the 13 inch MacBook Pro for example. Only the lower tier pro models got the upgrades to M1. Then the higher tier MacBook Pro is still on sale right now, but that does have an Intel Chipset inside it but also does have four times USB-c ports and is more regarded as the more powerful 13-inch MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro with M2

But this will be replaced by the new 14-inch MacBook Pro but the current M1 Pro 13-inch will still be on sale after this. The same as already mentioned with the Mac Mini. The higher tier Mac mini is still for sale and will be boosted up in performance with the newer chipset but the M1 Mac Mini will still stay. That new chipset expected to go inside, the more powerful MacBook pro 14-inch and also the Mac Mini is the M1x chipset.

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From a report by Mark Gurman, he has reported the new M1x is to be a 10 core CPU and a 16 core to 32 core GPU compared to the 8 core CPU and 8 core GPU that we have in M1. It could feature 256 execution units rather than the M128 and may be able to drive three monitors   at the same time. It’s been rumored that the 10 core CPU would have two efficiency cores and eight  performance cores on top.

Apple 10 Core CPU MacBook

At the end of the day by buying this next tier of Mac Mini it’s more designed for professional creators and developers. So to have less efficiency cause it would be better to be like this due to the type of users who will be using this Mac Mini.

So a quick note with any of these leaks even up to the new Mac Mini M1X release date, that all reports and leaks are not 100 proof that they will come true and that with the new Mac Mini I can only present you what I’ve been told and shown.

However, if you are reading this post, then you’re as curious as I am in knowing what is going to be talking about the next Mac Mini.

Key Features of Apple Mac Mini M1x

  • New Design – Slimmer Mac Mini wi8th MagSafe Power
  • 512GB, 1TB, 2TB, 4TB & 8TB Storage Option’s
  • M1X with 2 Efficiency Cores & 8 Performance Cores
  • 16 or 32 Core GPU (Built into M1x)
  • 16GB or 64GB RAM
  • Aluminum Unibody Frame Body
  • 4x Thunderbolt 4 Ports, 2x USB 3.2, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI 2.1
  • Starting Price: 512GB Storage & 16GB of RAM – 1,099$

Apple Mac Mini M1x Release Date

We have been told that the MacBook Pro 14 and 16 inch models are planned for release by the end of 2021. It’s expected that the new Mac Mini M1X would launch near the same time as the chipset inside at the moment referred to as the M1x will be launching alongside these MacBooks. We’ve also had leaks to say that the new MacBook Air is likely to come out in 2022 and up next generation M2 inside with a similar core count to M1.

New MacBook Pro

Based on the M1x is an advancement of M1. We believe Apple would not want to launch an Mac Mini M1X alongside an M2 model early next year. So, logically it’s assumed that the M1x Mac Mini will come out before the end of 2021 at one of Apple’s Mac events.

However the moment we hear any more news about the release date I’ll be updating this post everything we know.

But moving on, let’s do a summary of what the 2021 Mac Mini is expected to give us and the price.

Apple Mac Mini M1x Design

So as I’ve already said a lot of these features and specs are subject to change. But one thing we do know most likely what is going to happen with the new Mac Mini M1x is we’re going to be getting a brand new design. As you’ve seen in these renders here, it’s going to be a slimmer Mac Mini M1X and also one of the big top features is it’s going to have that new Mag Safe power connector on the back. Similar to the 24 inch iMac that we have right now or just pop straight out so that is really really cool.

  • Mac Mini M1x Design
  • Mac Mini M1x

On top of that as well inside the Mac Mini M1X we’re going to have the ability to choose from 512 to 8 terabytes of SSD storage. So just make that clear that’s 512GB, 1 Terabyte, 2 Terabytes, 4 Terabytes and 8 Terabytes of storage.

Then on top of that as well it will have that brand new M1x chipset in it and this will come with two efficiency cores and eight performance cores. We’re also expecting this chipset to appear in the likes of the new MacBook Pros and also that brand new 32 inch iMac or iMac pro.

Then also for GPU we’re expecting either 16 or a 32 core GPU option built right into the M1x and that will reflect on the amount of ram that you pick for the Mac Mini.

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And talk about ram, there’s going to be a choice between 16 gigabytes to 64 gigabytes of RAM. It’s most likely if you choose the bottom range you’ll get that 16 core GPU, but if you pick the higher range you’ll probably get that 32 core GPU. But this hasn’t been 100% confirmed yet, but the second it will be we will update the sheet accordingly.

Also with that design what i talked about we’re going to be getting aluminum body frame around the edges what’s going to look really, really cool again just like we have with the current Mac Mini and then for ports on the back of Mac Mini M1X, we’re going to be getting four times thunderbolt 4 ports and we’re  also going to be getting two times USB 3.2 ports the usual sort of USB a design that we get right now or the usual USB type of port and then also there will be a 10 gigabyte ethernet and then  there will also be a HDMI port that will support HDMI 2.1.

Apple Mac Mini M1x Price

The starting price for this Mac Mini M1x will start at 1099$ us dollars and that will give you a 512 gigabyte storage option and also 16 GB of ram. Because you can flick and change the amount of storage and RAM and everything else like that I can’t put all the different prices down here just basically the starting price.


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