Apple M1 Ultra Price, Geekbench 5 Score, Specs

Apple M1 Ultra Specs

Yesterday, Apple released the M1 Ultra chip. Through the UltraFusion packaging structure, two M1 Max “stick” together, built-in 114 billion transistors, and the specifications reached a 20-core CPU, 64-core graphics processor and 32-core neural network. web engine.

M1 Ultra Price

According to the Business Times, industry analysts believe that the cost of a single Apple M1 Ultra is about $300 to $350, which is significantly lower than the Intel Xeon processor. The M1 Ultra is manufactured using TSMC’s 5-nanometer process. Supply chain practitioners pointed out that more than 50% of TSMC’s total 5-nanometer production capacity this year has been covered by Apple, and Apple has become the largest customer of TSMC’s 3D Fabric advanced packaging platform.

M1 Ultra Geekbench 5 Score

M1 ULTRA Geekbench 5 Score

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that Apple has equipped almost the entire current line of Macs with Apple Silicon processors, and that every new chip, from the M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max to the latest M1 Ultra, allows Macs to show amazing performance. The M1 Ultra not only completes the M1 chip family, but also enables the new high-performance desktop PC Mac Studio based on this chip to lead the industry in performance/watt.

M1 Ultra uses TSMC’s 5nm process M1 Max chip bare die. Calculated by chip size, the number of M1 Ultra cutting dies (gross die) per 5nm wafer is only 68.

The M1 Ultra’s running score on Geekbench 5 exposed yesterday shows that the M1 Ultra’s performance is almost comparable to AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper 3990X 64-core processor, while according to Apple’s promotion, its power consumption is only 60W, which means the efficiency of the M1 Ultra 4.7 times higher than the 280W TDP of the 3990X.

Of course, Geekbench 5 results don’t always match actual usage, so actual testing of the processor is still required to get a more accurate conclusion.


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