Apple: M1 Chip Architecture Moves to Rival Intel

Apple M1 Chip

Intel has dealt rival Apple a heavy blow by convincing Jeff Wilcox, the engineer responsible for creating the M1 chips, to return to the parent company after leaving the company to take up the post of Engineer and Director of Mac Systems Architecture in Cupertino.

Wilcox is now part of Intel’s staff again, assuming the role of CTO to ensure the development of next-generation SoCs.

Now that Intel takes a more hybrid approach in terms of architecture, especially after the huge success of Apple Silicon developed by Jeff Wilcox, this hire could prove vital for the blue team and its aspirations in the ARM market.

Apple Loses the Brains Behind The M1 Chip is Now Joining Intel

ipad pro m1

Wilcox said goodbye to the company led by Tim Cook with words of appreciation, guaranteeing that he had some of the best years of his career at the service of the Californian brand. The highest point of his professional career would have been the transition to Apple Silicon with the M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max processors.

We recall that Jeff Wilcox had left Intel for Apple in 2013, after having led the blue team’s PC architecture as Chief Engineer. Prior to that, he worked at Nvidia as Principal Architect.

It is still unknown which major project this engineer will take on at the American manufacturer, but his reputation will certainly allow him to lead Intel’s response to the evolution presented by the M1 chips.


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