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iPhone SE Plus

Today we’ve got plenty of information about the upcoming Apple iPhone SE Plus or the iPhone SE 3, we’ve got news on specs as well as when we can expect to see it.

We had lots of contradicting leaks in the past for the iPhone se plus and this was followed by a long period of no news whatsoever. We expected a five and a half inch iPhone SE Plus to be released around this time but then most sources then backtracked and told us that we wouldn’t get the iPhone SE Plus until the second half of this year.

Now Ross Young tweeted yesterday to say that the next LCD iPhone SE is going to be remaining at 4.7 inches and it’s going to be released in 2022. He also advises of a sub 6 gigahertz 5G included which makes sense given a 22 release. Now of course he’s talking about the standard iPhone SE here and not the SE Plus and a 2022 release date it seems very likely as it’s a few years after the predecessor.

We also had a previous research note from reliable analyst Ming chi kuo and he said exactly the same. He advised that the biggest change was going to be 5G and an upgraded processor and that we wouldn’t see the device until the first half of 2022.

So that’s the new iPhone SE out the way but now what about the SE plus?

Unfortunately there’s been so little news about the SE Plus and this has been for quite some time. We’ve seen a few blogs claiming that we would get it alongside the iPad pro in April but this is simply just made up.

Now Ross Young’s tweet yesterday briefly touched on the plus model, as he stated that he’s hearing about a 6.1 inch  version with a punch hole selfie camera instead of the notch but it’s not coming until 2023.

Now it’s looking like the iPhone SE Plus will be similar to something like the iPhone XR but unfortunately it’s just not coming anytime soon. I imagine the current crisis along with the failure of the mini definitely had something to do with it. The iPhone 12 Mini did not see the success that apple had hoped for and they’ve already committed to a 13 mini releasing a new budget model now would only offer things similar to these devices at a cheaper cost.

So the last thing Apple need to be doing is creating competition with themselves. Of course the Mini is a much smaller screen but the trouble is Apple already expect the sales to be low. So adding another device choice whatever the differences are is of course going to create that competition.

The biggest difference in the SE Plus that would of course be the price and the iPhone SE Plus would be the best value out of the range. So with so little information about the iPhone SE Plus we can unfortunately be pretty sure that it’s not coming this year and in fact if you do want a more budget-friendly large device then the 10r is probably your best choice. I was really looking forward to the iPhone SE Plus launch well I do hope apple surprised us with one in the next month or so it’s pretty much not going to happen.

We’ll now share with you the full specs, design and the expected pricing of the iPhone SE Plus.

iPhone SE Plus 2021

When it comes to the iPhone SE Plus for 2021 according to the latest leaks what we essentially have is the iPhone XR with some improved specifications to make it suitable for 2021.

iPhone SE Plus Display

We get a 6.1 inch IPS display with a resolution of 828 by 1792. Now this will not be an Amoled display but just a normal LCD to save costs. We’ve got a 19.5:9 aspect ratio and 326 Pixels Per Inch and the display will of course be protected by gorilla glass.

iPhone SE Plus Design

We’ve got the more recent iPhone look for the SE Plus with smaller bezels all round and a notch on the top to house the face id cameras. According to the leaks we may also be getting touch id in the form of a fingerprint scanner on the power button.

iPhone SE Plus Camera

Apple iPhone SE Plus Camera Design – Photo Credit Apple Lab

When it comes to the selfie camera we get a 7 megapixel standard camera with an Aperture of f2.2. On the rear it’s 
again a single camera setup but this time it’s a 12 megapixel wide angle with an Aperture of f1.8. It also has phase detect auto focus and optical stabilization.

RAM & Processor

In terms of hardware people are still unsure if it’s the A14 or the A13 but personally I think we’ll get the apple A13 bionic which even in 2021 is a powerful chipset. It’s going to be coupled with 4GB of RAM and a choice of 64GB, 128GB or 256GB storage.

Battery & Connectivity

It’s all powered by a 3,000mAh hour battery with support for 15w fast charging as well as wireless charging and it’s going to be IP67 water resistant. It’s going to support Bluetooth 5, Wi-fi 6 and the color choices are still unknown at this time.

Operating System & Expected Release Date

It will of course ship with iOS 14 and when it comes to pricing it’s something that may change over the coming months. Analysts are predicting that the reason for a later launch for the iPhone SE Plus is to keep the price down and in line with the iPhone SE that we saw last year.

iPhone SE Plus Price

If the latest leaks are true however then expect a small bump due to the increased specs, So it’s estimated that the iPhone SE Plus could start from 500 or 450 pounds on release which isn’t bad for a new iPhone in 2021.

Now unfortunately that’s all the news I have for you guys today and of course there are still many conflicting leaks. I’ll continue to keep updating on these however as more and more information comes to light and as we get closer to launch they will get more accurate.

Are you excited for the New upcoming iPhone SE Plus, Let me know your valuable thoughts in the comments. Thanks for stay with Goriber Tech.

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