Apple hires two Mercedes engineers, probably for the Apple Car team

Apple Car

The Apple Car theme has been very active lately. The Titan project, which started in 2014, is one of Apple’s best kept secrets, but it is not free from rumors and some facts related to the team that manages the product. According to information, Apple will now have hired two engineers from Mercedes. Everything indicates that it will be to reinforce the Apple Car team.

This reinforcement comes at a time when Apple is looking in Asia for a partner to manufacture its autonomous electric car.

Two engineers from Mercedes to manage the Apple Car project

Rumors about Apple’s car are effectively in full swing this year 2021. After some time on the back burner, the truth is that there are signs and some official declarations from brands that the project is underway. By the way, there is even a date that could be the year of release. Everything points to it being in 2024 . Of course, until Apple says it, nothing is official. We recall that as early as 2015 the year 2019 was pointed out as the Apple Car presentation date.

The new leader now hired, dr. Anton Uselmann , previously worked at Mercedes. His action was in areas related to mass production of vehicles, vehicle steering, dynamics, software and project management. This new team member will work as a product design engineer at Apple in their “Special Projects Group”. It should be noted that Uselmann also previously worked at Porsche, assuming similar responsibilities.

In addition to Uselmann, Apple also hired a second engineer who worked at Mercedes, according to MacRumors.

Apple’s car, code-named “Project Titan,” is one of the company’s most secretive projects. Despite a myriad of rumors, Apple’s ultimate goal in the automotive space remains unclear. Apple’s latest hires join a roster of former engineers and executives the Cupertino-based company has tapped from some of the world’s biggest automakers.

Setbacks may be delaying the launch of the autonomous streetcar

As the company continues to build up its workforce with the skills and talents needed to build and develop a car, Apple has also had some setbacks. The company has lost several top managers of “Project Titan” over the past year, potentially they could have derailed the project in its timeline.

The company has also deployed engineers from other fields, such as Kevin Lynch , well known for his work on the “Apple Watch”, to help lead the “Project Titan”.

While Apple has invested in its internal talent over the past few years, it will also need to rely on third parties to help set the wheels in motion. The California giant is reportedly in discussions with several vendors, including its most important ones, such as Foxconn. It is also consulting car manufacturers about a partnership.

The talks and discussions have not materialized so far in any formal agreement. The latest indications are that Apple was walking around South Korea and Japan to decide who will make its car.


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