Android 12 stable update may be released on October 4

Samsung Android 12 Update list

We’ve known for a long time that Android 12 will be the next major version of Google’s mobile operating system , having already been officially unveiled. However, millions of users are still waiting for information about when they can start receiving the desired update on their smartphones.

Although Google has not announced official dates, Mishaal Rahman of XDA Developers did advance a possible release date for the first stable version of Android 12.

According to a Twitter post, Rahman reveals that Google may release the first stable version of Android 12 (AOSP) on October 4th. If this good news is confirmed, Android 12 will start shipping in less than a month.

Android 12 will reach Google Pixel smartphones firsthand

It is important to remember that the first smartphones to receive the new version of Android are always Google Pixel, and this year it will not be an exception.

With regard to smartphones from other manufacturers, it is still difficult to indicate exactly when the first stable updates for Android 12 may start to be made available.

It has been mentioned several times that the release of the new version is taking longer than Android 11, but that may not reflect bad news. It’s possible that Google is simply doing everything possible to make the first stable release as perfect as possible.

When the first version of Android 11 was released, users were faced with several bugs, which ended up detracting from their user experience. So, it’s better to wait a little longer until you get access to the new Android 12, if that ensures that all possible issues are fixed before its release.


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