Android 12: Google removes advanced system customization options

Android 12

The Android 12 announcement drew a lot of attention for the big visual change with Material, however it seems that customization should be reduced a bit on Google’s new system, according to a thread on the Google Issue Tracker. See now what should change in the system for cell phones.

What changes we will see in Android 12

The change in Android 12 Beta 3 was pointed out by a user who noticed the lack of custom styles in the Pixel Wallpapers and Styles menu on Android 12 and reported it to the Google Issue Tracker.

Despite this, a Google Product Expert comment on the topic in question shed some light on removing these options:

The custom styling features (font, icon shape, icon pack, and accent color) of Android R are being replaced by the new dynamic theme feature we’re introducing in Android S. We see the new Dynamic Theme feature as more modern and smarter. A simple and delicious experience that we hope all users can enjoy.


Check out screenshots provided by XDA below that show the customization options that have been disabled on Android 12:

Customization options removed from Android 12 Images: XDA

Thus, we can understand that Google removed them to make the system layout more homogeneous in its standard version. As such, this could be an effort to make it more unique and create a clear visual identity for Android in this release, although customization is drastically reduced.

Therefore, we can conclude that if you have a cell phone from the Pixel line, the personalization will mainly come from the wallpaper, which will provide the colors for the entire system. However, this shouldn’t be a problem for those who have a smartphone from Samsung or Xiaomi, for example, which provide several customization options via themes, at least on Android 11 .

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