Android 12.1 could be the next version before Android 13

Android 12.1

We still do not have stable Android 12 among us and the rumors about what will come next are already beginning. The normal thing would be to expect that after Android 12 (S) Android 13 (T) will arrive, but new indications discovered by XDA suggest that there could be an intermediate version on the horizon, perhaps an Android 12.1.

Although it would not be the first time that Google released a minor revision of Android, this was more common in its early days and has not been repeated since Android Oreo 8.1, four years ago. Although nothing is confirmed yet, the indications are that there would be a new version of Android S before Android T, possibly a minor revision as in previous occasions.

Possible Android 12.1 on the horizon

Android versions have too many names and identifiers. On the one hand, there is the numerical version, which changes in number with each major update. On the other hand there is the letter, until a few years ago paired with a matching dessert, and that can include several numerical versions. Finally, there is the version of the API , which generally – although not always – goes hand-in-hand with the letter version. A mess.

It is this version of the API that has shed light on the possibility that there is an intermediate version between Android S and Android T of which we were not aware. Android S corresponds to API 31, but a thread of commits in the Android code seems to show that Android T will be API 33. In between therefore there should be API version 32.

Not only that, but comments from Google workers refer to API 32 with the codename sc-v2, which could be short for Snow Cone Version 2Snow Cone is Android 12’s hidden dessert name , just like Android T’s is supposedly Tiramisu .

That is, this year we would have a revision of Android 12 again, with a higher API version , which is not entirely unusual, although it had not happened for a few years. For example, Android Oreo 8.0 corresponds to API 26, and Android Oreo 8.1 corresponds to API 27, although it was a version with minor changes. Following the scheme of past releases, the most logical thing would be for this version to receive the name Android 12.1, unless there were surprises.

At the moment there is nothing confirmed, although two scenarios arise : the first, that this API 32 corresponds to an exclusive version for some type of different device such as watches; the second, that this new version is launched with the Google Pixel 6. We will have to wait to find out.


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