AirPods 3 due for release with iPhone 13 in September

Airpods 3

Rumors swell because we’re just weeks away from Apple’s big launch of the year 2021. The iPhone 13 is coming and it may not show up alone on debut day. According to Digitimes, Taiwan’s well-known technology journal, AirPods 3 will appear at this event to accompany the new iPhone.

After several months waiting for the new Apple headphones, everything indicates that they will be ready and should be presented in September. Apple has many plans for this line of accessories.

‘AirPods 3’ predicted to finally arrive alongside ‘iPhone 13’

The AirPods line has been one of Apple’s biggest bets since 2016, when the first Apple branded wireless headphones were introduced . Since then, the company has improved sound quality, features and forced the wireless headphone market to move, as it removed the 3.5mm port from its smartphones and tablets.

Therefore, AirPods, AirPods Pro and AirPods Max are a great deal for the company, and increasingly important for users. As such, and similar to what happens on the iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, versions will not stop being released.

So, behold, it’s time for us to see novelties in the first sales line of these gadgets.

Airpods 3: What to Expect

With Apple’s next-generation AirPods 3 expected to be introduced this fall, you’re probably wondering what new features will be included. Which is what I’ll explain right now.

So the biggest change you can expect to see is a completely new design with many elements borrowed from the more expensive AirPods Pro. Like a wider charging case and shorter stems on the earbuds themselves. But unlike the AirPods Pro, this model still won’t feature removable silicon ear tips.

Now, that may be disappointing to some, but there are benefits to this approach. As before, these standard AirPods won’t have to be pushed deep into your ear canal for a tight fit. Instead, they’ll sit on the outside of your ear. Which is more comfortable for many users.

This design choice also means a smaller charging case. Since it doesn’t have to accommodate the headphone plus it’s ear tips like with the AirPods Pro.

news chip on airpods 3

There’s also going to be a new wireless chip included with AirPods. Which should increase battery life and allow audio components to be integrated, allowing for a more compact design.

AirPods 3 is also likely to adopt pressure sensors on the stem for audio control. Which means you’ll be able to press the stem to play and pause, press twice to skip, long press to trigger Siri, and more. Rather than tapping the earbud to control audio like on previous generations of AirPods.

Headphones from rumor to rumor until launch day

There are rumors about the long-awaited successor to Apple’s popular AirPods headphones, which vary in form and content from the first moment someone, somewhere in the development chair, noticed something new.

Now, a report published by Digitimes indicates that production is booming and new headphones are expected to arrive with the iPhone 13 launch in the fall.

While last year’s iPhone 12 series wasn’t unveiled until October due to pandemic delays, the general expectation is that this year Apple will return to its September lineup for the announcement of the new iPhone lineup.

According to the Taiwanese channel, taking into account the number and speed of sending the chips for this device, it is very likely that this is a sign that the AirPods 3 are a product to be introduced in September.

Refined appearance

AirPods 3 should share many design traits of their predecessors. There will be, mainly, a bigger glue to the AirPods Pro, although with due evolution, some smaller temples and a more comfortable ear cone.

Apple Airpods

Although they are not headphones for the Pro range, these new earbuds are expected to bring spatial audio, a feature that allows you to localize the sound by turning your head, creating an idea of ​​exact positioning in the space where it is being played. the content. It’s an interesting bet that Apple has made, improving the user experience when watching TV shows and movies. These new features will be reinforced with the release of iOS 15. It should also be able to play Dolby Atmos music.

AirPods 3 Price

If availability has already been mentioned, we still need to point out the price. The AirPods 3 will be available in white, with no color options. But the good news is its price is likely to remain the same. $160 for the standard charging case, and $200 for a wireless charging case. Manufacturing of AirPods 3 is reportedly kicking off in August, with their released expected sometime this fall.

As a footnote, it is important to mention that this year Apple should not touch the AirPods Pro or AirPods Max line, but, as we saw a few days ago, it opened the AirPods Pro firmware to developers to increase the functionality of these devices. By the way, if you want to test it, we show you how to do it .


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