Advantages of iPhone with some Disadvantages!

Advantages of iPhone

iPhone! Most popular phone in the smartphone world produced by Apple. No other phone has gained as much popularity as the iPhone in the last decade. For example, Apple received about 70 million pre-orders for the iPhone 6 model. No other company has received so many advance orders before their phone came on the market.

Why is the iPhone so popular? We will talk about it another day. But today we will talk about some of the advantages and disadvantages of iPhone. Make sure you read full post to know all the detailed information about advantages and disadvantages of iPhone.

Advantages of iPhone

The iPhone has many advantages. For which users do not want to shift to other brands of devices. Notable among these are long time software update facility, security, eye-catching design, performance. Below are some more features and benefits of the iPhone was highlighted..

Spam Filter

The ability to filter spam messages is one of the most important features of iOS. The artificial intelligence that has been added to the iOS 14 version filters out spam messages. As a result, smartphones are more secure.

Native Screen Recording

IOS users will be able to record content with voice input from their device’s display. GIF can be created using this feature. Although Samsung has this feature in smartphones, it has not yet been launched as the main feature of Android phones.

Message Synchronize

The Messages application is getting iCloud support on iOS operating system. As a result, messages will be synchronized on all Apple devices. All messages can be read on any Apple device with an Apple ID. Google’s Android Messages app does not have this feature yet.

Money Transaction

Apple is offering the facility of bringing and taking money through the Messages app on iOS. This facility can be turned on by sending a simple message. Money transaction facility has not come to Android yet.

Real time Translation on SIRI

Siri, a virtual assistant software, has been further improved in the iOS operating system. Apple’s voice control software can translate instantly during conversations. So far this facility has been introduced in five languages. Siri can translate from English to Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Easy Setup

IOS users will be able to quickly setup the new iOS powered device closer to the old device. Apple has not yet provided detailed information about this feature. But company officials say, keep your new iPhone or iPad with an old iOS-powered device or Mac. It will get many personal settings and iCloud kitchen passwords there quickly and securely.

Drag & Drop Support

The new iOS operating system comes with a content drag and drop feature. It can be easily used in different apps through app switcher panel like pictures, text, links etc.

In addition to these, the iPhone has some other notable features, which we will discuss another day.

advantages & disadvantages of iPhone

Disadvantages of iPhone

The iPhone has some disadvantages and limitations. Here we will talk about some of the disadvantages of iPhone.

Map difficulty

With the iPhone 5, Apple has added their own mapping feature. It is the food of laughter and jokes for many! Apple’s map is so unrealistic that it has been seen that there is a river instead of an open field and a railway station instead of a hospital! Apple has officially apologized to iPhone users for this. In that apology, they themselves suggested using Google or Nokia Maps.

Web Browsing & Default Mail App

The default application is one of the limitations of the iPhone. Normally Chrome or any other browser cannot be set by default on iPhone. In the case of mail, the iPhone always encourages its users to use their default mail app instead of Gmail. Chrome and Mozilla are popular and known as browsers to users all over the world. Similarly Gmail. Phone users also want to use these services. Where there are options, how to use the app, they know. But the iPhone sees its own business interests in this case.

File Sharing & Download Problem

It is almost impossible to download anything from the web directly to the iPhone. File sharing is also very troublesome. Most people in developing countries use Android. As a result, iPhone users have trouble exchanging files with acquaintances.

Battery Problem

62% of iOS operating system-powered smartphone users suffer from software-related problems. According to some, the charge of the unlocked iPhone also erodes quite fast. Another problem is that the iPhone’s battery cannot be replaced. Getting its original accessories is also very expensive and troublesome.

Others Problem

Another major drawback of the iPhone is the ability to retrieve data from personal computers. Windows runs on most PCs. But the iPhone does not allow that. For this you have to download the iPhone software on Windows. Users suffer from installing and updating versions of that software.


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