A Story of Mansa Musa! 1 Day He had to borrow money!

Story of Mansa Musa

Mansa Musa! One of the richest men of all time, he had to borrow to alleviate the poverty of the state. Today’s story is about one of his travels.

Story of Mansa Musa

His name is Mansa Musa! He alone is the richest man in history. Who surpassed the amount of assets of the CEOs of all the current big organizations almost 700 years ago. His wealth was three times that of current Amazon owner Jeff Bezos. He was the emperor of Mali.

During his time many Europeans also went to their empire for work. Mali which was full of gold. Not only did this man build a mountain of wealth, he was inspired by the Muslims in his kingdom and did a lot of work, including schools and evacuations in the state. With him was a brave army of over two hundred thousand.

But there was a historical story of Mansa Musa that shook the whole world. Once upon a time Mansa Musa left for Mecca. And before this journey to Mecca, everyone thought that the amount of wealth of Mansa Musa was like a mountain to the whole world. He traveled to Mecca with about 60,000 slaves. He was accompanied by 6,000 slaves carrying silk, an army carrying 500 gold sticks, and 80 camels each carry 140 kg of gold.

When he reached Cairo on the way, he saw the poverty of the people. And he started distributing this huge amount of money with him. His wealth was so great that it caused inflation in Cairo for almost a decade after it was distributed among the people. Such a huge amount of wealth has ended up in poverty alleviation of only one country that shook the whole world. Now think about the amount of wealth and poverty in the world.

Naturally, Mansa Musa had donated so much that needless to say. On his return journey he had to borrow from the rulers of Makkah to return. Because a fleet of 60,000 slaves! It will cost. This is the historical short story of Mansa Musa.

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