6 Free SEO tools to analyze your website performance!

6 Free SEO tools

According to a report by the United Nations Organization for Trade and Development (UNCTAD), COVID-19 was decisive for the growth of the e-commerce sector. According to the document, online purchases grew from 14% in the year 2019 to 17% in the year 2020.

The fact that e-commerce is expanding and consolidating in consumer habits does not mean that having an online presence is enough to arrive, see and win. You need to capture 1) drive traffic to your site and 2) convert it into purchases. For this you need to occupy the top of the ranking of search engines and present differentiated content.

In digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to opening that door. SEO is the set of strategies, techniques and processes that aim to optimize the positioning of a certain website in the organic results – that is, unpaid – of a search engine, making the bridge between a business and its potential customers. Today i am going to share with you 6 free SEO Tools, so that you can make your website SEO friendly without any cost.

6 Free SEO Tools

Contrary to popular belief, the SEO world is not inaccessible to common mortals. Here We sharing 6 Free SEO Tools to analyze your website’s performance.

1. Free SEO Analysis

Yes, there are digital marketing companies that can help you for free. That’s precisely what qualifies them for this list of free tools! The SEO agency – Unik SEO, is specialized in this matter, having already helped hundreds of companies and entrepreneurs in the optimization and ranking of their websites. The Lisbon-based agency has a vast and diverse portfolio of collaboration with national and international companies. So what should you do to get a free SEO analysis ?

Just go to the Unik SEO website and ask for a 100% free review. To do so, you must fill in the form, which does not imply any commercial relationship. After submitting your order, you will receive the free audit 24 hours later (on average) directly to your email. And what is contained in this analysis? Conducted by a team of SEO experts, it includes:

  • On-page and content analysis;
  • Technical audit of your website;
  • Analysis of other indicators that help improve the performance of your website, so that it appears in the first places of the search engine results when a search is carried out with a password relevant to your business.

2. Google Search Console

The Google Search Console helps you monitor and resolve problems with your site that are related to the results pages of search engines (Search Engine Results Pages, SERP). It can gauge whether Google can find and crawl your site; resolve indexing issues, view how often and how your site appears and in what sequence your searches come up, optimize your site for mobile, receive alerts from Google if you find indexing problems or spam.

3. Google Page Speed ​​Insights

Getting straight to the point: the faster your site, the better it will be positioned on search engine results pages. The Google Page Speed Insights analyzes the loading speed of the pages of your website, giving it a score between 0 and 100 points. Having a score above 85 means your site is doing fine. Another advantage is that this feature from Google gives pointers on how to optimize your website for mobile. If we think that Mobile First – priority indexing from mobile versions of websites – is already a reality, we realize the importance of this tool.

4. Screaming Frog / SEO Spider

The Screaming Frog is one of the temples of SEO. The platform has several tools that can help you monitor and optimize your website’s position in search engines. Enables the identification and tracking of URLs, and finding errors (eg 404), among other features.

5. SEMrush

Keywords play a critical role in the SEO universe. The SEMRush allows you to track the performance of each keyword, analyzing the rate of improvement in the overall positioning and observe the distribution of keywords in the rankings. The tool is paid, but the free account still has some nice features.

6. Google Analytics

Last but not last: Google Analytics is the epitome of digital metrics. It monitors your website, indicating the number of visits, the pages viewed, their geographical origin and how they reached you.

These are the 6 Free SEO tools. You don’t need to buy any agent or SEO tools for analyze your website. You can easily get your website report with these 6 free seo tools.


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