502 Bad Gateway Error for General User | How to fix?

502 Bad Gateway Error
502 Bad Gateway! This is a server related problem. Again, many times if the VPN or Proxy is on, this kind of problem occurs. 

When you try to access a website, that is, send a request to a specific server, if the server acts as a proxy for another server, that is, shows you information from another server and receives an incorrect response from that server when fetching that data, then this particular server shows you 502 Bad Gateway Error in place of the desired content.

Suppose you use Wi-Fi internet at home. Now if you want to access Google, your request will first go to the server of your Wi-Fi service provider. If your Wi-Fi service provider’s server does not receive a proper response from Google’s servers, you may see this error message in the browser. And this is called 502 Error. This is because the HTML status code 502 only refers to this type of error.

How to solve 502 Bad Gateway error?

Since the 502 Bad Gateway Error is caused by a problem between two servers, you have nothing special to do in this case. However, if you see 502 Error due to temporary or any other reason, then of course you can try something to solve it.

  • Refresh the Webpage

Refreshing is a great way to solve any computer or smartphone problem. Many times 502 errors can be seen for a temporary error. In that case, refreshing that page in the browser will solve it.

  • Check to see if the problem is with everyone

Whenever you encounter an online error when entering a site, check once whether the problem is not only with you but also with others. This is an effective way to find out if there is a problem with the device you are using.

  • Try open Webpage using another browser

Browsers are often responsible for 502 Error. So try to enter that address from any other browser. If you see that 502 Error is also showing in other browsers, then you have to try to solve it differently.

  • Clear cookies and cache stored in browser

In the case of other errors, I also mentioned that online errors are often seen due to cookies and cache data stored in the browser. So an effective way to solve online errors is to clear cache and cookies data. Try re-entering the site by clearing the cache and cookies data.

  • Check browser extension and plugin

If you are using an extension or plugin in the browser, it is possible that one or more extensions or plugins are responsible for the error.

So if you see 502 Error, disable all the extensions and plugins in the browser, then try to enter again. If you see that there is no error, you are able to enter the site, then turn on the extension one by one to find out which one is responsible for this error. Once found, delete the extension or plugin.

  • Restart your network Device

If after checking you know that the problem is only in your case, then there is an error in the device on which you are running the Internet or other related networking equipment. And restarts like refresh are also very effective in these cases. If the error is temporary, it is usually restarted.

If the error is temporary, it is usually fixed by restarting.

So to solve 502 Bad Gateway Error, restart the networking devices like your device, router, hub. After doing this simple task you may see that the 502 Bad Gateway error has been resolved.

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