4 Reasons Why iPhone so Expensive!

Why iPhone so expensive?
Why iPhone so expensive?

The main goal of Steve Jobs was to establish themselves as a brand in the market, not as a small brand, but as a world wide famous brand.

And according to that trend, Apple has came up with good things to the customers from the very beginning of their journey. Yes! It is true that their products are usually very expensive, but there is no question of customers complaining if they get something good in terms of price.

If you go to find out the reason why the iPhone so expensive, there will be countless reasons, I am trying to highlight a few of the main reasons in shortcut.

  • Software & Hardware:

Most of us use Android. In the first case, buy a new Android phone of any brand will look very good. Phone speed, camera, overall performance is good in all aspects. But as long as you keep running, the performance quality of the phone will continue to decrease, most of the phones become slow in 6-7 months and the performance is not available as before. When you reset, it becomes like new again and starts working well.

But how many days with a reset like this?

This is the difference between Apple’s products, you will get the same performance as you buy an Apple phone now as long as there is no physical damage. This is because Apple uses good quality material in their hardware and at the same time their hardware, software combination are the best.

  • Security: 

One of the main reasons why Apple products are so popular & iPhone so expensive is because of their security. Apple maintains strict security in all their products, which has earned the trust of the customers.

When it comes to security, who doesn’t want their data to be safe? This is why big celebrities, superstars are always seen using the iPhone. If common people like you and me are so concerned about cyber security, think about what celebrities like them might think.

  • Research:

Apple has always created something new since its inception, and has not followed the trend of copying like 10 other companies. The history of the reverse tech world shows that other companies have copied Apple from time to time.

No one even imagined that there would be a notch on the smartphone a few years ago, even when Apple first introduced the notch, there was a lot of discussion and criticism about it. But after a few months, it was seen that all the other companies have started making phones by copying the design with Apple’s notch display. Which is still going on today, now the phone is not visible without a notch display.

That’s how Apple introduces something new every year. Which is why people look forward to seeing Apple seminars all year long. But one more thing is noteworthy here, Apple has always been on a different path since its birth, but after the death of Steve Jobs, Apple has not been able to bring any new surprises in that sense.

  • Show-off:

Yes! You heard right, One of the reasons why all iPhone or Apple products are expensive is now show-off. Apple has taken over the market in such a way that those who are their diehard fans are kind of blinded. Whether Apple brings good things to the market or bad things, they will close their eyes and buy it, there is a competition as to who is running the latest version. Take the context of our country, Those who have an iPhone are rich. For all these reasons, Apple has now reached a trillion-dollar company, and the price of their products has remained as high as ever. For all these reasons still iPhone so expensive.

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