10 Dangerous Places! Where You shouldn’t Walk


Dangerous mountain passes, Death defying wilderness trails and deadly wildlife; here the top 10 most Dangerous Places to walk.

10. El Caminito del rey

El Caminito del rey

El Caminito del rey, is a terrifying and dangerous pathway that is placed against a steep wall of a narrow canyon in Malaga Spain. It translates to English as the King’s little path. And While the path may be little, it takes a lot of boldness to walk.

Photo of El Caminito del rey

Just looking at images of the walkway can turn your stomach. One wrong move and you’ll plummet 100 meters into the rocks and water below. Deemed the world’s most dangerous walking path multiple people have died trying to walk El Caminito del rey. Still it continues to attract thrill-seekers from all over the world.

9. Snake Island

Snake Island

Ilhade Kamada Grande, also known simply as snake island, is a small island located off the brazilian coast. While the island falls under the jurisdiction of the state of sao paulo, there aren’t actually any people living on it. And there’s a good reason for that the Island is the home of the critically endangered species known as the golden lancehead Pit Viper.

Dangerous Pit Viper

The Island is now infested with these dangerous Pit Vipers which are highly venomous and capable of easily killing adult humans. Take a walk through the forests on this island and you probably won’t be returning.

8. Fukushima


Occurring on March 11 2011, The Fukushima daiichi event was one of the world’s most severe nuclear accidents in history. Surpassed only by the Chernobyl disaster of 1986.

Along with the Chernobyl disaster Fukushima is one of only two events to be rated a level seven nuclear disaster, the worst possible rating.

Fukushima Radioactive Rating

The event was the result of the 2011 tohoku earthquake and tsunami and required the evacuation of more than 150000 people. Because of the nuclear radiation the site remains the most dangerous radioactive place in the world even years after the explosion.

7. Angel’s Landing

Angels Landing

If you’re an experienced hiker and have great stamina the angel’s landing hiking trail might be the perfect way for you to get in adrenaline rush. If not then you might want to stay away. Because this hike is not for the faint of heart.

Angels Landing Trail

The trail is 5 miles long and is located on a 1400 foot tall rock formation in Zion national park in Utah. The trail was carved into the enormous rock in 1926 and leads all the way to its peak. Where those brave enough to make it are rewarded with a stunning view of Zion Canyon.

Angel's Landing

Although it was open nearly 100 years ago there wasn’t even a balancing chain installed until recently. Angel’s landing doesn’t just look scary, it is one of the deadliest hiking trails in the country. Since 2004 at least 10 people have fallen to their deaths trying to conquer the trail.

6. Miyake Jima

Miyake Jima

Miyake Jima also called Miyakai Island, is an island found in the Izuarchipelago in the Philippine sea, just over 100 miles off the southeastern coast of Japan. And while there are about 2500 people still living on the island, its very existence makes it a potentially deadly place to travel to.

Miyake Jima Volcano

The entire island is actually a massive active Volcano. The volcano is known to have erupted frequently throughout history and has been recorded erupting as far back as over a thousand years ago. During the 1900s, volcanic eruptions and lava flow killed multiple people on the island. In the year 2000, the island began erupting multiple times and the island’s residents had to be evacuated. They weren’t able to return to their homes until four years later.

Dangerous Gas of Miyake Jima

After their return residents were required to wear gas masks due to dangerous toxic gases released by the volcano.

5. Death Valley

Death Valley

Located in the northern Mojave desert in California and adjacent to the great basin desert, is one of the world’s most dangerous places to be out by yourself if you’re unprepared.

Death Valley National Park

Death Valley is a dry desert valley, that is infamous in the united states as a somewhat mysterious tourist attraction. Aside from having an eerie name the area is one of the hottest places in the world. The lowest point in the valley known as bad water basin, is the lowest point in terms of elevation in all of North America, located 282 feet below sea level. Strangely bad water basin is located 84 miles from mount Whitney which is the highest point of elevation in the United States.

Death Valley Bad Water Basin

In July of 1913, the United States government measured a temperature of 134 degrees Fahrenheit at furnace creek in death valley, which remains the highest natural air temperature ever recorded on earth’s surface. Left out here alone or unprepared, your chances of not having a heat stroke are slim.

4. Sinabung Volcano

Sinabung Volcano

The Sinabung Volcano known officially as mount Sinabung, is a giant volcano located in northern Sumatra in Indonesia, just 25 miles away from the lake toba super volcano. The volcano is infamous among wilderness enthusiasts, anthropologists and geologists alike for having an unusual and sometimes deadly eruption pattern. Because of this walking anywhere near this unpredictable dangerous volcano might not be the greatest idea. Mount Sinabung is among 120 or so active volcanoes in Indonesia, as part of a group of volcanoes and moving fault lines known as the pacific ring of fire.

Sinabung Volcano

Before 2010, mount Sinabung had been inactive for 1200 years, but suddenly erupted again at the turn of the decade. Since 2010 it’s been erupting periodically. In may 2016, a pyroclastic flow from the volcano resulted in the deaths of seven people. In 2014, the volcano killed 16 people. Since 2015, more than 10,000 people have had to flee their homes due to lava rocks and dangerous gases being released from the mountain.

3. Ramree Island

Ramree Island

It is located off the coast of Rakhine state in the southeast Asian country of Myanmar, is a place known as Ramree island, with a land area of over 500 square miles. It is the largest island in the country. But Ramree island has another distinction and this one might make you want to avoid wandering around.

Saltwater crocodile

Ramree island is the home of thousands of hungry saltwater dangerous crocodiles. These ones in particular are well known for being extremely aggressive and have been known to hunt and attack people who enter their natural environment. According to the Guinness book of world records, the remarry island crocodiles hold the record for the highest number of fatalities during a crocodile attack.

Ramree Island Crocodile

Saltwater crocodiles are the largest reptilian predators in the world and can weigh over two thousand pounds. Wander too close to a hungry or agitated croc and you’ll definitely be at its mercy, especially if it gets you into the water.

2. Mount Everest

Mount Everest

If there is a world record for being at the top of the most bucket lists, it’s got to be the trip up the tallest mountain in the world. The challenge attracts about 800 bold travelers every year. From climbers to hikers to nature enthusiasts, mount Everest is the ultimate trophy for those who enjoy a physical challenge. But the walk up this 29,000 foot tall mountain is one of the most difficult and deadly hikes in the world.

Mount Everest Path

Mount Everest has two primary ways of traveling up at snowy cliffs. The most common route approaches the legendary mountain from Nepal in the southeast. There is another popular route, however, that goes up the mountain from Tibet in the north.

Mount Everest Climbing

While climbing the mountain isn’t known to be very difficult in terms of climbing techniques and finesse, the raw elements are what makes this trip so dangerous. Mount Everest attempts to stop its climbers every step of the way with strong winds, pelting snow storms, altitude sickness and fatal avalanches. Hundreds of people have died trying to climb the mountain. In fact, six and a half percent of people trying to reach its peak have died before they got there. Most of their bodies were never recovered.

1. Memphis Tennessee

Memphis Tennessee

While most of the dangerous places to walk on this list are rocky mountain paths, dangerous islands or radioactive fallout zones; Memphis doesn’t exactly fit in with the rest, located along the Mississippi river in the southwestern corner of Tennessee. Memphis is a historic and culturally significant American city. Yet for all the accomplishments made by the people of Memphis, it’s actually the deadliest place to walk in the united states.

What makes this city deadly for? pedestrians has nothing to do with environmental disasters or violent crime, rather this city is dangerous to walk in because of its traffic. And it’s all thanks to a combination of speedy highways, lack of proper infrastructure and distracted drivers. Each year an unusually high number of pedestrians are struck and killed by vehicles in Memphis. The city has a pedestrian death rate of about four deaths for every 100,000 people, which is higher than any other city in the country. Seattle, which is three times larger than Memphis sees less pedestrian deaths each year. Unfortunately the pedestrian fatality rate in the city is only going up year after year. And if local officials don’t figure out a solution soon Memphis will keep climbing the ranks.

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